Who We Are

The Optimalists are a collective of experienced, interdisciplinary experts, dedicated to helping SME leaders and their people thrive even under the most difficult circumstances. We assess then assemble the best team to suit your specific needs. You don’t pay for anything you don’t need. Nothing. Our goal is to grow your business. And your people. And that’s exactly what we’ll help you do. Meet the Optimalists.

Founders And Engagement Leaders

Glen Hunt

Creative Director, Consultant, Coach

As a Writer and Creative Director, Glen has created some of the most powerful advertising in Canadian history and spent his career turning great ideas into motivating action while transforming underperforming companies into high performers. Glen is an Optimalist.

Andy Macaulay

Consultant, Coach, Advisor

Andy, a strategist by training, used his business degree to help create and build 2 of the most successful Canadian advertising agencies during which he helped people and businesses thrive through a sharp and unrelenting focus on what makes them great. Andy is an Optimalist.

Business Strategy

Dr. Sarah JS Wilner, PHD, MBA in Marketing

Associate Professor of Marketing, Laziridis School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

Sarah is a prominent Professor of Marketing at Canada’s biggest and best business school where she also serves as the Chair in Brand Communications. Her ongoing work in shaping and guiding entrepreneurs is informed by her passions for teaching and research. Sarah is an Optimalist.

Adam White, BCS/Business

Engineer, Coach, Consultant, Remote Async Specialist

Adam engineers systems that enable individuals, teams and organizations to work efficiently, effectively and harmoniously in an increasingly remote-async-world. He is a serial entrepreneur having successfully launched 10 new software products. Established 1 patent. And built a Robot that performs NeuroSurgery. Yes, Adam is an Optimalist.

Mike Sharma

President & founder of Society, etc., one of Canada’s leading experts in digital marketing

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, having started several digital consultancies, the most recent of which, Society, is a preferred Google partner, at the forefront of building digital business for Clients like Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. Mike’s background includes a long stint at Microsoft as the VP, Sales & Partnerships. Mike is an Optimalist.

Individual And Team Facilitators/Coaches

Sergio Janczak, PhD

Executive Mentor, Coach, Consultant

With a PhD in Strategic Management and 16 years of management experience, Sergio is accredited as a systematic wellness coach for SMEs and has hands-on experience working with start-ups, family businesses and in the corporate world. A Full Professor of Management at Western University, Sergio helps leaders unwaste and unleash themselves, personally and professionally. Sergio is an Optimalist.

Emily Bond

High Performance Team Coach, Leadership Onboarding, Consultant

Emily has 20+ years experience helping leaders, and their teams, perform at their optimal best. A former Managing Director, General Manager and now Certified Team Performance Coach, Emily helps organizations navigate new systems without costly missteps. All in a manner that is experienced as clear, aligning and inspiring. Emily is an Optimalist.

Nancy Milton

Facilitator and Leadership Coach

Nancy has used her sociology degree, passionate interest in people, and facilitation training to build her own successful leadership practice for Executives and their teams. Her Coaching accreditation enables her to help professionals develop and live the lives they want. She helps companies get the most out of their own people with their own people. Nancy is an Optimalist.


Deborah Prenger

Creative Director, Art Director, Designer

An award winning art director with over 20 years experience, Deborah distills brands down to their purest essence. Then she creates guidelines and communications that are as integrated and implementable as they are inspiring. The result: One look. One voice. One company. Deborah is an Optimalist.

Mark Smyka

Journalist, Writer, Communicator

As a journalist, former Executive Editor and Director of Communications, Mark is masterful at helping leaders find their words and share them in ways that are meaningful and motivational. Mark’s words inspire action. Mark is an optimalist.

Ben Block

Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Instructor

A web developer, digital marketer and wordpress guru, Ben collaborates with creatives and clients to produce tailor made websites and communications platforms that align individuals, teams and organizations. He also speaks a rare language in the digital sphere – Human. Ben is an Optimalist.

Training Specialists

Greg Evans, PhD, MA

Researcher, Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Greg works at the intersection of happiness and human performance. He uses evidence-based tools to create science-based strategies that help individuals, teams and organizations perform at their peak even under the most difficult circumstances. Greg is an Optimalist.

Beth Younder

Educator, Facilitator, Trainer, Positive Psychology Practitioner

With over 25 years of experience across multiple sectors, Beth is a trained Adult Learning Educator, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator specializing in core skills to improve Communication, Engagement and Productivity. She helps upskill and reskill the core competencies of the most critical resource at your company – your people. Beth is an Optimalist.

Karen Malone

Trainer, Capacity Builder

A former Executive Director and Vice President in the Social Impact Sector, Karen now helps leaders, and their people, to perform at their optimal best. As lead trainer for the GRI Certified Standards Training course Karen has assisted 300+ executives and professionals in over 40 different sectors to grow their skills. And their profits. Karen is an Optimalist.

Optimalists with specific expertise in HR, process management, finance, and technology, will be called upon to provide whatever guidance our Clients require.