The Benefits

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

  • Organizations that increase the number of employees who see how the purpose of the company aligns with their jobs (from 33% to 80%) got a 29% increase in work quality and a 51% reduction in absenteeism (Gallup)
  • Retention rates rise 4.5 times, compared to businesses with poor workplace communication. (Workplace Communications Statistics/2022)
  • More informed employees have 77% higher work productivity than less informed workers. (Brosix)
  • Effective internal communications motivate 85% of employees to become more engaged in the workplace. (Trade Press Services)
  • Lack of up-front communication was cited as having the most negative impact on employee morale by 33% of employees (Brosix)

Moving At The Speed Of Clarity.

When employees are clear on organizational goals, everything happens faster. Decisions. Work. Skills development. As mastery grows so too does autonomy. As autonomy grows so too does energy. As energy grows so too do outcomes. Each building one on top of the other. All in pursuit of an aspirational, shared ambition i.e. a “purpose.” And when that happens, you become an unstoppable force. Literally.

The More Redundant You Make Yourself, The More Valuable You Become.

As you inspire and enable your people something amazing happens: Your people earn greater autonomy, and you gain greater time. Time to do the kind of value adding work only you can do. Like looking into the future. And avoiding future disruptions. Better yet, creating future disruptions that your competitors can’t avoid.

Easier. Better. Faster. Cheaper. (Pick any Four.)

Small-medium enterprises don’t have small-medium needs. If anything, they’re HUGE. Every dollar. Every effort. Every minute. Counts.

At The Optimalists we know the needs of small-medium businesses. We’ve owned them. Small businesses that worked with big businesses. Which gave us a unique perspective into understanding both. So we’ve taken the best from both worlds and found a way to make it easier, better, faster and cheaper. Because we know SME’s like us can’t afford to waste anything. So we don’t. Nothing.