How We Work

Our Process: Modular Bespoke

At The Optimalists, we use proven tools that are as fast and efficient as they are effective. We start with a preliminary examination of your current situation through management interviews and staff learning. Then we tailor the process to suit your specific needs. All using quantitatively proven tools and best-in-class frameworks that elicit the right insights, from the right people, quickly and affordably. Think of it like getting a bespoke tailored suit at off the rack prices. Without all the hassle and waiting around.

Aligning Everything Together As One.

Organizational clarity isn’t an act of creativity, it’s a journey of discovery. We facilitate that journey using proven tools to help uncover what’s truly important to you and your people. Then align that with your businesses’ strategy, tactics and goals. Capturing them in an easily accessible guide that is as inspiring as it is aligning. Freedom, yes, but freedom within a very well-defined, inspiringly articulated, framework.

Get Everyone Singing From The Same Song Sheet.

We outline the mission critical information required to align your people around a message that is focused, clear, compelling, actionable and measurable. All without excessive control. Now, that’s music to everyone’s ears.

Because It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It.

Inspiring action requires inspired thinking. And inspiring ways of communicating it. We have a lifetime of experience delivering both. We start by helping leaders and their teams crystallize their thinking. Then we find the words that align motivation, priorities and performance with hearts, minds and actions. Once captured, we package it in a portable guide that’s easily accessible and ready for reference. Think of it as management by walking around. Without all the walking around.