Take this simple (but extremely helpful) self assessment to see where there might be room for improvement.

Rating Scale

1 = strongly disagree.  2 = disagree.  3 = neither agree or disagree.  4 = agree.  5 = strongly agree

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1. The ambitions of your company are clearly articulated.*
2. People at your company understand those ambitions and their individual role in achieving them.*
3. They feel the company cares about their growth, and there is a specific plan in place for everybody who works there.*
4. Your company values are clear and are reflected in the daily decisions and behaviour of the people.*
5. You have clear, documented processes and practices that are regularly improved by the people operating them.*
6. The leadership team is open and honest and leads by example.*
7. Your culture is respectful of people’s individual needs. (eg; family time, vacations, working situation preferences, etc.)*
8. You have and consistently use a feedback system that provides the frequent, constructive, 360° input that helps people grow.*
9. Individuals understand how success is measured for them, their team, and the organization as a whole.*
10. Your recruitment, turnover and tenure statistics are where you’d like them to be.*
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