Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Process Do You Use?

We have built our own process, it’s called Modular Bespoke and it’s based on our years of experience, using proven tools we’ve built along the way. It helps make sure we’re solving the right problem, informed by the best information. Then we use our communications experience to turn the best solution into something that moves people.

2. How Long Does It Take, And Most Importantly, How Much Time From Our People?

It depends on the nature of the assignment. A full process should typically take 3 months from proposal to completed implementation, with support beyond as our Clients wish. We’re fast because you have to be, and it’s thorough because we know the stuff that makes a difference. So we ask for as little time as required to get the outcome you seek.

3. How Much Do You Charge?

No two projects are the same. We use a process that can include both quantitative and qualitative discovery to ensure we define the right challenge, and we meet it with a bespoke proposal. Some Clients will hire us to help with a very specific challenge while others will decide a more systemic approach is required. Some will seek ongoing support, potentially including training or coaching. All of that to say, we don’t know the value, or price, of our work until we know what we need to do to make a difference for our Client. Want an estimate, even a ballpark? Let’s chat to see if it can work for you. Let’s talk.

4. What Outcomes Can We Expect?

Broadly, we’ll use alignment to grow opportunities for your company and the people who work there. All the people. Depending specifically on what you need, the outcomes can include reduced attrition, accelerated action, lessened friction, increased productivity, all driven by the team’s belief in and pursuit of common goals.

5. How Do You/We Understand And Account For The Uniqueness Of Every Industry?

By working collaboratively with our Clients and listening a lot. And by bringing our unique cross-industry experience to bear. You can find a summary of our experience in the “Who are we?” section.

6. How Do You Work With Clients?

Any way that we have to. We can do it all remotely, or mostly on-site, depending on what will produce the best outcome for our Client. We have experience working with Clients globally, and know how to balance the benefits of proximity with efficiency of remote. We always begin by understanding all of the assets and challenges our Client has that can influence our work. Often, those assets include relationships with existing business providers that we’re quick to embrace if relevant. Our job it to help refocus and re-energize the team.

7. Why Should We Do This Now?

“Work” just absorbed its greatest shock in decades. It caused everybody, especially your best people, to reevaluate their relationship with “work”. Now is the time for all of you to find energy in why you work together for your company, and that’s something you have to co-create. Your unique ability as a leader is to create the conditions that enable that to be codified and activated, to work for you and your people. By the way, It’s also a good time to take advantage of competitors who haven’t figured all that out.

8. Are We Hiring?

In short, always and never. We’re always looking to work with people who challenge our view of what’s possible. Sometimes, that’s over coffee for an hour, sometimes it’s to join us more completely. But, we’re never just “hiring”. we’re always looking for Optimalists. Click here to contact us.